Step Two

I finished writing a book, so step two means that it’s time to begin my web presence.

The book is called Garden Enclave after an organization that features prominently in the story. It is Book One of a series I’m titling Meld Resistance.

As a writer, I’m interested in ecology, futurism, gardening and social justice with a focus on the internal. The notion of soft mind control plays a huge role in the Meld Resistance series. The Meld is a worldwide system of soft mind control that utilizes sensory and psychological techniques to keep people docile, implemented as a co-opted backlash against / escalation of the present growing global corporate capitalist system. It is designed to keep people working, controlled and unlikely to generate the sort of demand that would push the world’s ecological situation over the edge. Various global processes to reverse climate change occur behind the scenes at critical pace, and there’s a sense of urgency behind everything the system’s higher-ups do. People in the Meld don’t eat very much, don’t live very long, don’t own cars and look like anorexic zombies, but it’s always easy to be happy.

Outside of the Meld, the old technological grids are barely usable, and people have reverted to a Mad Max-esque way of life. They are far tougher than the Meldies, but their resistance against the robotized technology is not an easy one. They fight for the human spirit. Add that to the fact that the Meld is very seductive — just walk in and never worry about the struggle again, you can even tell yourself that you’re doing the right thing for the planet — and you have a setting fraught with psychological, moral and physical challenges.

I look forward to communicating more with my readers as I begin this next step toward the goal of publishing this book and ultimately becoming a professional, paid novelist!

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