My writing published in Adbusters!

Check it out! I’m really psyched, even if they did change it a bit. The strong core remains.

It was originally titled “What If We’ve Already Won the Culture Wars?”

~ They want us for their commercials and TV ~

We’ve already won.

My writing should speak for itself; its main premise is that things aren’t always what they appear, and it breaks my heart when I see the struggle in all its sincerity co-opted to sell cars, soda and tech products.

It breaks my heart because of two reasons: one, it’s an intellectual greenwash (& blackwash & bluewash – the phrases call to mind another article in Adbusters), sickeningly defanging and co-opting the resistance, and two, it’s a sign that we’ve won. We forced our way into the culture: they’re listening to us, finally. We’ve won, and this is all we’re gonna get??

We were chasing Empire, now it’s chasing us, it wants to make us cool so it can make us uncool, but if we resist its cool and become the conservatives – the established, the sincere, the anti-cool – we might just stay relevant and stay ahead of that toxic and dying has-been once-was culture long enough to disable and dismantle its influence on the next generation.

Eyes always on the horizon. We stand where we are but our eyes aren’t on where we are; we avoid that twisted mirror image that branding seeks to make of us. The Meld works because it gets into “who you think you are.” Who am I? The trick is not to think you’re anybody. “think you are” is a brand. Throw up barriers to easy commodification, and maybe we can press this advantage toward something that lasts.

Why do we want this? So we can feel good about ourselves? The Meld can give us that, but it won’t be enough. It’s something else, this struggle. Something that neither fast Internet nor fast cars will address. Something else entirely. It’s part of the roots that we we conserve.

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