How to Resist Empire – The Vision Behind My Book

The overall vision behind the Gardenpunk Chronicles is to present a complex and nuanced view of the external and internal struggle with empire.

An evil empire doesn’t just come into being as an external force; over time, people’s exhaustion, desires and emotional states allow empire to arise.

People look for saviors in state systems of social management instead of in their families, friends and communities.

Or we’re so isolated and disconnected that we don’t even know what a community of support means.

Oftentimes, empire offers greater efficiency, more money or better resources for mobilizing groups to recreate society from the top down – vision coming first, execution second.

By contrast, a community of support begins with the question, “what can we do?” – questions of execution come first.

In my book, the things that the evil empire offers (reversing runaway climate change, free food/housing/utilities for all, play computer games for work, a party every night, a sense of relief after the insane 24/7 anxieties of present-day globalized capitalism) really do seem worth it.

Fears that we won’t be able to provide, hope that it’s just a temporary stepping stone, desires to be a part of changing the entire world, or simple exhaustion from the constant rat race might make people willing to accept the ultimate compromise of the soul in exchange for guaranteed providence.

Empire’s greatest weapons are neither its drones nor its chemicals; they are dreams and hope for a better, brighter future, if only sacrifices are made today.

How do you resist empire without succumbing to bitterness and resentment?

How do you keep your soul without losing your spirit of joyous vision?

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