Got another article published! (in Philly EcoCity)


Philly Eco City

Simple & Green

Check it out! And check out the rest of Philly EcoCity! It’s a great example of hyper-local journalism telling stories that actually matter to people rooted in a place, and I hope to be submitting more articles to them in the future.

It’s a reprint of a blog post, but it shows that my stuff is getting read beyond the borders of this here blog. Which is good. From a business perspective, it is very good.

On a slightly unrelated tangent, I’ve been praying to the Moon for my book to be published, praying and visualizing as a sort of ritual. My prayers are like air kisses and salutes whenever I see that rabbit-child in the sky.

Manifestation = prayer + intention + openness + action. So here’s to more and more of my writing being published all over the Web. Gotta expand that footprint, so I can get that traction, so I can capture that interest, so I can get that deal and that first advance check, so I can truly begin on more solid ground.

I’ve dreamt so hard of being a novelist that I’ve become it in all but name. In my head, I’ve already arrived. The name (and the cash) is the hardest to schlep over the line. That’s where business comes in. Sending out those cold queries, trying to nail an opening. The hustle. Writing is a damn hustle all the time. They don’t teach you that in creative school. The strange disconnect between waking up and knowing that you’re someone, but then looking at your wallet and thinking, “wait…something doesn’t add up.”

For all of you reading here, this is my dream: to be a published author, to survive on my novel writing.  Thank you for your support!

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