Marlon is the author of Meld Resistance, book one in the Gardenpunk Chronicles series of urban sci-fi novels. As of June 2015, it is in process of being self-published.  It is about a group of defiant urban farmers trying to save their city from itself when technology has gone too far. The action moves between the technologically controlled downtown called the Meld and wild garden spaces thriving in the urban outskirts.  

The Meld is full of mind control chemicals to keep people inside docile and happy all the time. The story follows the arcs of two characters, Rand and Iona, who begin fighting the Meld together. However, one succumbs while the other continues to resist, and the reader moves between both characters fighting for what they believe is right. For instance, the purpose of the Meld is to create a central economy that reduces human need and greed in order to reverse the effects of climate change.  The gray area created by the conflict between the two societies is at the heart of the book’s thematic focus.